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This is where you will find unusual experiments, weekend projects and articles of technical interest or amusement. This page will inevitably accumulate the detritus which has been swept of our test-benches...

A description of how products are designed, and the parts played by various disciplines - including ours, as electronics designers.

Article written by Doug Ford and published by Silicon Chip magazine, describing how high frequency oscilloscope probes really work.

A weekend project designed by Doug Ford with a distinctly analog flavour; A surround decoder using a completely analog delay for the rear channels.

Doug has also been featured in numerous EEVBlog videos by Dave Jones -

Episode 084: High-Energy Multimeter Destruction
Episode 085: High-Voltage Oscilloscope Probe Design
Episode 354: CityRail PA Amp Teardown
Episode 361: LED Ceiling Panel Lighting 101
Episode 362: LED Tube lighting install/theory
Episode 364: LED Ceiling panel installation
Episode 602: Introduction to Microphones
Episode 605: Fig.8 & Cardioid Microphone Patterns
Episode 608: Condenser & Electret Microphone Construction
Episode 609: Condenser Microphone Design Tutorial
Episode 611: Electret Microphone Design
Episode 616: How Microphone Phantom Powering Works
Episode 629: How To Design a Microphone Preamplifier