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Acoustics Measurements

DFAD is equipped with an Audio Precision 2712 dual-domain analyser and a variety of class-1 measurement microphones. These were used to good effect while commissioning sound systems in a secure Defense installation. This measurement system enabled us to:

  • Assess the amplitude and spectra of ambient room noise and equipment fan noise;
  • Optimise the performance of sound reinforcement and reproduction systems;
  • Assess the relative amplitude and frequency response over all room seating positions;
  • Verify sound system specifications including maximum SPL and THD.

We assisted the prime contractor with preparation and presentation of acoustic measurement data, ensuring that test results were aligned with contractual performance requirements.

Our analysis equipment has also been used for:

  • Validation of the performance of imported subwoofer amplifiers;
  • Measurement of loudspeaker parameters and response;
  • Performance checks on Staterail public-address amplifiers;
  • Parametric tests on a variety of transducers

Testimonials for Defense-related work may be made available on request.



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