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LED Lighting

DFAD was approached by AquaQuip, an Australian manufacturer of swimming pool equipment, to design LED lighting to replace incandescent lamps in their range of pool lighting fixtures.

The Challenges:

To design LED assemblies operating from 12V AC, which would provide pool lighting equivalent to the 50W MR16 lamps used in their current range of luminaires. The LED assemblies had to be suited to high volume manufacture at low cost. They required good thermal management, including “run dry” overtemperature cutout. The LED assemblies were required to suit AquaQuip’s new range of luminaires, and also be retrofitted into their existing fittings.

The Solution:

DFAD designed a four-LED and an eight-LED engine, using Cree XRE LEDs. The LEDs and the drive components are all mounted on one PCB, which saves significant cost and assembly time compared with solutions which separate the LEDs and drive components.

The LED mounting method ensures excellent heat transfer to the heatsink, verified by thermocouple measurements of several prototype variants.

The LED engines are protected against overload, overtemperature and line voltage transients. The four-LED engine has been made available on a machined heatsink for retrofit to existing luminaires, and will be mounted on a spun aluminium heatsink in AquaQuip’s latest product range.

The LED engines are currently manufactured in volume with white-LED and blue-LED variants. A colour-changing system is now under development for this product range – Watch this space!

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