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  • LED Illumination
  • LED Control
  • Audio
  • Power Conversion
  • Acoustics
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DFAD provides the electronic expertise to turn your product concept from idea to reality.

Advisory Consultation Services

DFAD specialises in analog circuitry techniques, microcontrollers, electronic test and measurement techniques, acoustics, fundamental physics and product integration.

We can partner with your company’s research and development unit who may have expertise in digital design, firmware, software or RF design but has limited knowledge in analog techniques, power control or acoustics.

DFAD’s depth of experience has been sufficient to bootstrap projects to success within very short consultative engagements.

Test and Measurement

Our expertise includes:

  • Transducer characterisation
  • Equipment performance verification
  • Acoustic measurement
  • Power Consumption (PF, THD, VA, etc)

Electronics Design

Feel free to meet us to discuss your requirements. Our strength is our ability to listen to your ideas and specifications and discuss methods of achieving your goals without commitment. Some clever concepts have been born from these discussions!

Feel free to get comparative quotes for your project after talking with us. Our combination of expertise, innovation, high ethical standards and reasonable costs will bring you to us sooner or later.

On project completion, ownership of all files and intellectual property for manufacture is yours. We will always respect and protect your IP rights.

Design and Manufacture

DFAD provides full turnkey design-and-supply service.

We partner with a range of industries to provide you with true turnkey solutions that take your product from concept to completion.

These include:

  • Graphic artists
  • Component suppliers
  • PCB fabricators
  • Metalwork shops
  • General assembly houses
  • Compliance test houses

Whatever your requirements, simply start by talking to us!